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Our Prices

Competitive Rates for Excellent Service

Simple and Clear Pricing

Our pricing system is very simple. Design projects are usually given a flat rate, which you can pay in installments. Hosting is billed monthly by subscription at the rate below. All other work is currently billed at $30 per hour, time rounded to the minute (i.e. $0.50 per minute). 


Our rates are listed below. Customers in Japan can pay in Yen and may qualify for different pricing. Please contact us for more information.

Web Design
$99 per page and up

$20 per month

$30 per hour

About Hosting Rates

You are welcome to partake in our web hosting services for as long as you need. However, we like to get you set up with your own hosting service on SiteGround so that you will be able to have complete control  over all your domains, email databases and WordPress installations. 

We do not usually deduct hosting fees from retainers. Hosting fees are paid by subscription on a month-to-month basis. Service can be canceled any time (no long-term contracts).

About Web Design Rates

The $99 per page rate is for fairly straightforward pages with up to two page scrolls worth of content. Pages longer than two page scrolls may incur additional fees. Pages that use different designs for desktop, tablet and mobile versions may cost more. Quotes will be given on a case by case basis.

Not all new pages on a website will result in an extra page fee. For example, a simple Thank You page where customers are redirected after purchases is not considered an extra page and will not cost you an extra $99. 

Images and graphics are included in this price if they can be downloaded from Canva or are provided by the client. 

About Service Rates

We usually ask for minimum retainers of $200, but we are flexible in this regard if your needs are very basic. We bill against the retainer at a rate of $0.50 per minute. What services get billed against retainers? Consider the following examples.

  • You decide you want a new page on your site after it is launched.
  • You want email addresses for several new employees.
  • You want to add a map to the footer.
  • You want to change the listed price of products or services.
  • You want to migrate a site from another hosting company’s servers.
  • You want to overhaul the design of your site.

These are examples of the kinds of services clients ask for. Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully before engaging our services.

Graphic Design Services

From time to time we are asked to produce graphic products, such as product catalogs, print and digital flyers, book covers and more. These are a special category of service we provide. Our rates very according to customers’ circumstances. Please contact us for quotes.